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Remember me

If I die tomorrow, I don’t want you to remember me for who I am, Or who you thought I was. But for the person I became, Because that is the person I am today and will be, For as long as you remember. -J


It flies across countless lands, Soaring the skies,oceans and the land; Looking like a star in the evening sky, It glides gracefully above the seas and sands. From A to B to Z, You help me travel freely; Safety at its tee, And comfort is … Continue reading Flight

Knowing you

Knowing you, hurt me. Knowing you, brought pain. Knowing you, felt great at once. Knowing you, made me happy. But in the end, Knowing you, drove me insane. -J

Me before you

You before me at work. You before me in school. You before me in the family. You before me in the relationship. But me before you, that is what the world will soon be. -J