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Sad birds still flyDejected fish still swimNimble zebra’s still walkQuiet horses still neigh Hearts can still hurtBodies can still acheLove might still failBut you can still prevail -Jeru

I am a person

I am a personAnd so are youTogether we can be happy too You and IAre the sameDivided by just different taste Our ethnicities are funOur love’s wholesome I am the same personAs youTogether we can form a coup -Jeru

My baby.

My baby,  got me tongue tied.My baby,  makes me feel the rip tide.My baby,  helps me thrive.My baby,  is the same person I just buried alive… -Jeru

Something that wasn’t mine

I am losing somethingthat wasn’t mineand the feeling is hard to let go tonight I am losing somethingThat wasn’t mineAnd it is driving me to my darkest times I am losing somethingThat wasn’t mineAnd it eventually made me lose my mind. -Jeru

I lost you

I lost youIn high schoolOver the internetIn a second I lost youIn every wayAs a partnerAnd even a friend I lost youIn what seemed so suddenUnexpected turn of eventsIn the pressure of then I lost youAnd when I didAll I wanted wasYou, back in my … Continue reading I lost you


I can make a choice,For who I want to be orWho I have inside of me.For motherhood is a freedomAnd not a compulsion.It is a woman’s right,And the narrative she decides.For it is HER lifeAnd only SHE can make the decision. – Jeru


It felt like it happenedHappened just the other dayWhen we both lay to rest I felt a presence, a body so to sayLean in and pull me closerTo what felt like a warm embrace It felt like homeA clasp that made me calmerWhat made me … Continue reading Embrace


We met physicallyBut not emotionally. I liked you ironicallyBut not realistically It seemed so heavenlyBut actually it was a tragedy I enjoyed it for it’s simplicityAnd cherished you for your humility You seemed like someone I loved initiallyBut you were what drove me to insanity. … Continue reading Y.


It’s overly dramatic,And it makes you want to scream.It’s the dances and the gimmicks that..Make you cringe. It’s the extravagance,And the thick plot lines.It’s the sets and the locations that..Make a good film. It’s the romance behind the flower,And the flying kick with high power.It’s … Continue reading Bollywood!


I miss the hustle,The sound of the working class,The sweat it drained. I miss the 8am chaos,The smell of chai,That aunty on platform five. I miss the fast and the slow,The feeling of being unknown,The music that played on my earphones. I miss meeting a … Continue reading Local.


A ray of sunshine on a dark day.A humourous one liner to fill my day.A chat every morning, to make me feel okay.A supportive figure I need, even till this day. A fashionista all day everyday.A person with so much joy to give away.A person … Continue reading Mum

A tear

Is a tear going to heal a broken memory?Is a tear going to help a past injury?Is a tear going to mend a broken heart? A tear though, is what it is,another wasted water drop. -Jeru

One for me

My friends say I am crazyTo think you are the one for meMy parents say I am unhingedTo think you are the one for meBut what do you think,about being the one for me? -Jeru


I am not what I wearI am what I think I am not what I lookI am what my IQ dictates I am a SHEAnd SHE deserves more respect. -Jeru W/N: the featured image is a series of paintings I did, thought it was only … Continue reading She.

American Dream

American dreamAdmist the turmoilIn quarantine styleMy heart is denied American dreamI am aliveLiving in styleDancing to jive American dreamAppeals to manyLost is every pennyYou are not so lonely American dreamLust for allGames need to be wonThe money is fun American dreamWish you were my realityLiving … Continue reading American Dream