A ray of sunshine on a dark day.
A humourous one liner to fill my day.
A chat every morning, to make me feel okay.
A supportive figure I need, even till this day.

A fashionista all day everyday.
A person with so much joy to give away.
A person who dances the blues away.
A captivator of a crowd, they say.

A cook who made it to the television display.
A person who inspires me to be independent and slay.
A person who thought me to be stronger each day.
A person who encourages all my life’s decisions till today

A person who stands by me, in my cloudiest day.
A person who cares for me more than herself, till this day.
A person who I love with all my heart, hurray.
A person who I miss the most, from the bay.

You are the person that gave me life,
You are the person that sacrifices her life,
You are the person for whom I will fight,
You are the person that gives me so much delight.

You I thank, you I love,
You are truly an inspiration to me
my dear mum.


30 thoughts on “Mum

  1. Hello peekaboothisisjeru, good to see you ✌😄. This was very sweet and marvelous dedication to your mother. I am happy for both of you and the relationship you share.

    Liked by 1 person

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