Sleeping not knowing what lies amidst
Down in the dark abyss
For fear the night crawls
The heart cant take it all

I look to take a peep
Its so fearful I am bound to leap
It might eat me from within
It might creep me from the external

I cherish the good old days
When I just lay tranquil
When dreams were bright and shiny
And sleep was never gloomy

Now it stares me down
And never leaves my sight
It might stay there forever
It might never leave me thereafter

I wake up in a loud shriek
To call for help immediately
I wait for the nightmare to end
So that I can rest in my den

And wham! I see it hit rock bottom
In shreds it departs its dearly beloveds
This might sound extremely silly
But I absolutely hate creepy crawlies

The nightmare of lizzy lay at rest
I no more am at unrest
Sleep will come naturally
In my insect free room thankfully


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