Is it in dog hugs? Or romantic kisses.

Is it the travel experience? Or in the imprudent decisions.

Is it in your home? Or on the street.

Is it in you? Or is it in me.

Does it need to be questioned?

Does it need to be found?

Do we go out looking for it?

How do we know we are loved?


Is there a way to quantify it? Or define it if you must.

Does it need to be from somebody? A boy, a girl or a thing?

Does it really matter whom it is from?

Does the quality of it matter? Or is it handed out for the sake of it.

Is there a rite of passage to it?

Is it necessary at all?

Do I pay for it?

How else will I know I am loved?


How do you get it?

Is it by solving an algorithm?

Is it by showing it to others?

Like a reciprocal chain.

Do you earn it? Or do you get it from within


What is love?

If not a kind word to a stranger, or a penny to a beggar.

A kiss on the cheek to a loved one,

Honesty and integrity to the people we care about.

Does saying out loud help? I love you and you and you.

Maybe it does? Maybe it does not?

The only way to find out, is if you try.


How do you want to be loved?

Big gestures and hundreds of roses, or a smile to set your heart free.

We all want to be loved, sometimes itโ€™s the only thing we are in pursuit of.

But do we ever stop to think,

Do we even care to love?

Or do we just want to be loved.




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