You stumbled through the door
Day in and day out
the liquid courage in you
Left me with none.

You never harmed me
physically or otherwise.
Changed were you in the morning
Different by night.

But when things grew unsteady
that second you would bail
to the nearest pub around
and let your sorrows drain.

This happened for a while
Ignorance is bliss I said,
for all the trouble you had gone through
that was your way to vent.

You were once the best thing that happened to me
so poetic in your ways,
loved me to the moon and back
respected me in every way.

So I decided to not say
or do anything to your misguided ways,
I let it all pass
for I wanted us to last.

But that ended when you barged in that day
and threatened to end your hour.
That is the day I left
for that is when you reminded me of someone I knew back in the day.




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