Mon Cherie

This tiny little thing that is part of me,
Makes me happier than anything could make me.

Her imprints are on my heart,
in the form of a paw and 5 tiny dots.

She blinks her tiny little eyes,
and I stop thinking for that time.

She shadows me around,
and almost always steals my socks.

She demands things with her bark,
and makes sad eyes when she is lost.

She is the cure to a bad day,
and the hope to a new one.

The reason why home is the best place,
Is because she welcomes me with a wagging tale.

It has not been that long,
but she is more important to me than anyone.

Suddenly the world doesn’t seem like such a bad place,
it gave birth to such a cute face

To infinity and beyond,
Cherie you will always be my number one.



12 thoughts on “Mon Cherie

  1. What a beautifully written homage to your cherie dog! And thank you so much for the follow. I really appreciate this.

    Going back to your poem, the fact is that we need to love and feel loved. Your piece is the natural expression of such love, which provides a remedy against unwanted loneliness in our lives. Love these lines, so cute, original and heartfelt:

    “Her imprints are on my heart,
    in the form of a paw and 5 tiny dots.”

    The fact is, unwanted loneliness plus being attracted to someone who is much younger or older than you, is a hard thing to deal with, whether you have a cherie dog or not. Here is my friend Mario Savioni writing about this. I highly recommend you his last post. He is a great friend of mine, Without him I would never have started my blog and come across such talented writers like you. I do appreciate your following my blog, but I would be immensely happy, a lot happier (and Mario too), if you could check out his blog. He is a far better writer than myself; instead, he gets too little attention. Chapter 5 works as a totally independent unit that can be read and fully comprehended without having to read the previous chapters. Link:

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