Letter to my little one.

I want you to go out and live, to celebrate what you believe in.
To learn the truth, and not learn, what others think is the truth.

I want you to pray, to whom so ever you may please.
I want you to visit the holy place, of Catholic’s, Hindu’s, Buddhist and Sikhs.

I want you to eat right, and not eat, what custom dictates.
Be part of something larger, larger than the practices of a religion.

I want you to celebrate festivities, with all your brethren.
With the black and white and yellow, with each a heart brighter than gold.

I want you to travel, and understand various walks of lives.
And learn to embrace your roots and inherit other cultures.

I want you to be your own person, and not let others sway your will.
I want you to fight for what you believe in, despite the trouble you may face.

I want you to know that you are not alone, and that you should never feel that way.
I want you to know that I care, even if sometimes it doesn’t tell.

I want you to live in the future, and not in a dogmatic society.
You dictate your ideology for yourself and find no need to please others.

I want what you want, I want what you decide,
I want what you think is right, I want you to be happy.

I want you to live, and breathe fresh air.
Go paint the town red, go jump in the air.

I want you to feel free, to always approach me,
When in doubt seek help, from me or anyone else.

I want you to never feel lost, like the world is coming crashing down.
Because no problem is small, all pain demands to be felt.

For I want you to know that I write this to tell you,

That years to come you will be the single most important thing, that I ever laid eyes on.





41 thoughts on “Letter to my little one.

  1. That’s a pretty good poem,I’m a beleiver in christ and love sharing his love with everyone with my blog and my life.I’m only 12 so i don’t have children but i would try to keep away all of those other religons away so theey don’tget caught in something they can’t get out of if you know what i mean.Also amazing blog i’m not that much of a poem personbut i think it’s awesome!

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    1. Hi Autumn, I am a Catholic myself and much older than you are. I believe that religion should not be a dogma. Right to choose is very important be in religion, sexuality or in other instances. You have a long way ahead of you for self discovery. Stay blessed. That being said thank you for reading my poetry even though you are not a poem person

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