Pray for you,

Pray for me,

Pray for those who need our prayers.


Pray for the fighters,

Pray for the warriors,

Pray for those who succumb to bloodshed.


Pray for mothers,

Pray for fathers,

Pray for those who have empty nursery beds.


Pray for the martyrs​,

Pray for their swords,

Pray for those who mourn their souls.


Pray for the sinner,

Pray for the killer,

Pray for those who sleep by their beds.


Pray for the blind,

Pray for the homeless,

Pray for those who need our help.


Pray for the beggar,

Pray for his children,

Pray for those who need a slice of bread.


Pray for the widow,

Pray for her partner,

Pray for the empty roof she lives under.


Pray for the child,

Pray for his lost mother,

Pray for the life he would have with someone to nurture.


And sometimes,

All we need are prayers.






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