Exam Blues.

Exams are always a bust,
Don’t they know our brains now collect rust.
It is the worst time of the year,
It takes away all the cheer.
I honestly just want to sleep,
But all these books make me weep.
To the feeling of house arrest,
It’s not so sunny in the west.

My favorite show is on,
But my books act like a con,
It’s just stuck there giving agony,
And nobody still knows exactly what is a Fanny.
I look at the kids in the neighborhood play catch,
I don’t even have time to watch the bloody match.
I sit at home and eat away,
Because who the hell studies in May.

I see my friends all party,
But my books they act nasty.
They look at me and say
We are not letting you go away.
It gets easier they say,
Stop listening to what they say.
Because for them it is so easy,
They don’t know what it is like to feel sleepy

Math is about numbers
But I rather be on Tumblr.
Languages are a must,
Because they teach you how to cuss.
Civics is applied everywhere,
Which is why are text shouldn’t have it anywhere.
Science is for geeks,
The ones that aren’t so chic.

Economics makes you think
It’s not for the ones whose favorite color is pink
History is about the past,
Which is why I stood last.
Geography teaches you about the world,
For me it was all just a blur.
For all the other subjects,
Let’s forget them and eat nuggets.

I want to go out,
But I have to stay at home and rot.
It makes me sick,
Because I need coffee to give me a kick.
Sleep has no meaning,
I can’t even remember the last time I was dreaming
The pressure starts to kill,
And the anxiety makes me shrill.

It’s only a matter of time,
Before I stop to rhyme.
I remember the much simpler times,
Where I could barely mime.
I would only worry about what to play,
All night and all  through the day.
I wish I still was a child,
At least then it was okay to be wild.

But it saddens me to say,
It’s never going to go away.
At some time we are all put to the test,
So that we perform at our best.
One day it will end,
When we are too old to bend.
That’s the day I will say,
Exams you bore me till this day.



38 thoughts on “Exam Blues.

  1. If there’s anyone who can relate with this, it’s me….12 the is a real pain in the ass even literally, cause sitting all day on that godforsaken chair actually does make your ass pain😂
    You’re in 10th?

    Liked by 1 person

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