Ode to my Parents.

I see my parents constantly,

It is kind of exhausting honestly.

Mum finds new ways to make fun of me,

And Dad finds ways to outsmart me.

I am an odd mixture,

Of this Missus and Mister.

I can dance at every opportunity,

And at the same time watch TV endlessly.

My skills in cooking as you know are zero,

That is because I am blessed with two food heroes.

From coconut cake to beef steaks,

They are killing it always.

It is hard to work past nine,

Without the ‘Please come home on time.’

They say the only child is pampered,

But have you met my mother and father.

Mum likes to have her fun,

And she is ever so ready with her silly puns.

She cooks me the best meals,

And doesn’t look a day over sixteen.

Dad can solve a crossword almost instantly,

And he keeps up with the music trends constantly.

He knows the news at the tip of his tongue,

And his motto is ‘You Only Live Once.’

Now we have a Cherie,

Whose imprints are on our hearts,

In the form of a paw and five tiny dots.

The reason why home is the best place,

Is because she welcomes us with a wagging tail.

We almost always bicker,

With each one trying to be the winner.

Opinionated as they come,

Guess we know why I choose law after all.

They treat me like a boss girl,

And they blessed me with these amazing curls.

Always standing up for me in a fight,

Even in situations where I might not be right.

They are the best,

And they make me feel like I am one above the rest.

You mold me to be stronger,

And I am so proud to be your daughter.

Our lives are intertwined in stories,

Our memories is what helps us heal.

We make each other complete,

Because together we are the Dream Team.

Thank you for all that you do

Love to both of you.


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