Party tonight baby!

​A party is fun,

Don’t you agree hun.

It’s that time of the week,
Where you just want to be with your clique.

A break from all the stress,
I make sure I am wearing my best dress.

I say, dance your bum off,
But make sure you don’t hit your head on the loft.

Go and drink some buds,
And enjoy yourself with your best buds.

Give the guy by the counter a blink,
Who knows, you might just land yourself a drink.

Be a little energetic ,
Only then people will know you are charismatic.

Go and mingle with a stranger,
It is okay to put yourself in a little danger.

Make sure you are home on time,
Otherwise next time you won’t be out past nine.


W/N- Have fun all you party people,don’t do anything illegal.

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