Diary of a Novice Writer

This is my first blog post,

I thought I should raise a toast.

To all the lovely readers,

Thank you for being so eager.

I write this blog because,

I am bored of studying the laws.

From that you might get,

Yes, I am not a lawyer yet.

I thought this would be funny,

Because clearly, I earn no money.

I am just an idle teen,

But I don’t wish to be a has been.

I am a little silly,

But not as much as that fellow Billy.

I just made up a Billy,

To keep up with the rhyme you silly.

Poetry is what I write,

I hope that’s alright,

Well because for me it comes naturally,

I am trying to sound profound casually.

A little more about me,

Okay wait let me see.

I watch too much television,

I could make it my religion.

Music is my life,

It helps me forget the wearying wasted strife.

I doodle a little,

Yes I also like to giggle.

I enjoy a dog as a pet,

They deserve all the love they get.

Ice-cream for me is a must,

Otherwise life is just a bust.

I just wanted to try something different,

Because a blog is a long term commitment.

I will try and keep it interesting,

So that you keep reading.

You are so great for being so kind,

In my pursuit to use my mind.

If you like what you see,

Please hit the star right next to me.

Thank you all for being so supportive,

Whilst I am trying my level best to be productive.

Adios to all my Amigos,

Let’s all try to be blog heroes.

W/N: Hello there lovelies, I just wanted to say I will try my level best to keep this blog edgy.My target here is to turn everything i write into a poetry so it wont be poetry quintessentially it could be a current topic, show review anything but I will try and put it in a poetical form.I might change it to articles one day too please don’t hate on me poetry is not a piece of cake but I will try my best.Please feel free to tell me when I get annoying. “Positive” criticism is always great.Enough socializing for today now bye, hahaha I am just messing with you. Also please note I am a blog hermit so help me out here cool?cool.Bye.Also thank you for reading *inserts kissie emoticon*


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